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Faith as a Filler

Faith as a Filler? Faith must be the answer to all my absurd questions, right? It may be true, but with faith comes much baggage. What might we have faith in? Ones faith usually comes in a specific brand. One obtains this faith starting from birth; a change may be made for a marriage to work, or even an event or pain that may broad side us unexpectedly forcing us to find some answer, some reason why this tradgedy happened to us. What ever the reason may be for your acceptance, you have found a way of understanding the misunderstood. This acceptance I envy, but in a brief moment it passes. With all the similarities and diffrences between all these religions, traditions, and rituals, we have faith, we have acceptance. What brings us to this acceptance and at what level have we accepted?
By this measure faith becomes the glue of our acceptance and personally I am not so sure I can sit with faith as my all end answer. First, let me clarify. Faith may be needed, but clear misguided f…