Is Morality Evolution?

I tend to struggle with morality as of late. I understand the need for it in my environment(society), but other than to keep order and sanity, I do not believe it is something I should view as more than just another survival mechanism. Its needed, but I do believe it needs a bit more grounding. It should be question along with everything else. Endulging in every urge may not be the key, but i will not restrict myself to the damages of yet another cause for higher falsehoods. Our morality depends on our society and yes, you guessed it...religion. Morality and what constitutes as the higher standered is by its very nature warped. I digress in what I believed to be my guidelines, my way of going about things. I by nature, just like you, dynamically progress forward, changing and shattering any structure I may have had the previous day. I can only limit for survival and see the need for limits, but I rarely take anyones word for it. I just by nature am the type that needs to know why, first hand. If I see no reason for limiting I proceed forward with a blind eye. I have learned some very hard lessons, of course, always having to learn things the hard way. Sometime though I become aware of a great deal of bullshit when I test the waters. As a society we have centuries upon centuries of experience to tell us how to proceed, but we also have centuries upon centuries of very old traditions that may be destroying any real dynamic progress in many aspects of our world. We are threatened by our fear of breaking standard. Those who do, whether through accident or through pure passion and strength, may be praised or may become outcasts. We don't see that the effects of what can be great change until years and years sometimes pass. Whether that change is great or shallow, productive or destructive, we are out there, among you...testing the waters...


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