More thoughts on Morality...

We are a crude and depraved breed crawling this earth. And there sure is a thin line between pessimism and seeing things for what they truely are. I stagger back and forth between this line. I dissolve some days into a creature I don't even recognize, but I am sure you all do as well. When I look at us, roming the streets, playing our cards, burning our bridges with a brand of faith with hopes of a new...I wonder. We are a great breed, we can create with our knowledge and sometimes stumble to the top pondering how we managed to become great among all others. Most of us do fail though. We have evolved into such a complexed entity that in our days before we quite the planet we either accept to progress or test the waters and learn the hard way. Morality, today, passes through my thoughts and I have a moments interpretation. Our minds complexities devour us some days delievering us pain and sorrow we almost can not bare, but then we strive to settle. We must claim for ourselves a quality of life that seperates us from the natural beast inside all of us. We are mammals, we are animals struggling to separate from the creatures of the planet. We are Dynamic in our search, in our rises and our falls. When we become static in a sea of routine and give up on eachother we become meaningless, we become empty. We have a right to go a bit insane, to fall over the edge and devour ourselves. Sometimes I think we continue to fool ourselves into thinking we are more than what we are because we can not face the fact that when it is all broken down we are dark and the emptiness inside us all is so deep that we must strive to be something diffrent. We must dream big, we must dream unrealistic sometimes because our full throttle reality of today was once the dreams of tomorrow. We must face the depraved darkness to fully understand where any sort of light may come from, what it means and how to keep it solid and not false....and that my friends can be an unbelieveably beautiful thing....


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