Love the Creep

There is a crippling sensation in this forward motion. I write to explore and you can witness and please stand by, on guard because you can be trained in a beautiful way to charish the creep. A satisfaction awaits in lonely times. A desolation and removal of what may be restless. Tying a rope around tight whatever cannot refrain from leaping out in impulse. Train it and see it. It is the culmination of all learned depravity to retaliate against the surface society, the right now reality. The ego of survival, the parallel drive of what is destructive and painful. Charge the divine with a question mark and look within ones self. Grab violently at the hidden child. Continue to rise to some surface, known but new. Progress on and know. Accept but know. Accept through resistance. Heavy flow will drown the easy demons within. The escaping restless lashings upon ones self. Drown ones self and see what floats to the surface. Continue to see what screams from within to escape and dance with the easy opposition. The reaction demons expensive toll leaves one in a fury of empty. A blind retaliation against the self. A need for a reaction, and reaction and your inner self in bare and vulnerable. Your self child is danced upon and you let go of control. You join the dancing demons and your reactive retaliation has company. Your playing in reliance on a false unknown self. Your dignity is played, your self appreciation toyed with. You suffer in denial and infatuate yourself with the fear of others. This destroys so many. Smile and suffer. Cry without tears and just write without thought. Plain eyes will never see and your own eyes will never see. Destroy all pain and make the attempt. Cry without tears and burn without flame and find without search. Hold on without hand and become without becoming. Stand with gross reactions and just keep on delievering, because who are you really trying to speak too? Inflammed words so elaquently shared. Sparing anyone to really see...


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