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Don't Forget

Savage are these modern departures of kin. For those of us hypocrites who actively chose to retreat to the dark, this is one thing. Leave us...let us search. Some things are found there, things you will never find at the surface, the depthless. We do recognize a series of truths that some...most tend to forget in there irrational. Love...that all too cliche of a word does actually mean something. Not that false hood that can be revealed as infatuation. No...that blood bond, or that from birth or close to it. That bond that truely never severes. If it does...something dies in you. Never fool yourself. Never give it disrespect. Or the weird WILL come crawling because we do recognize similar behavior. We all continue to fuck around in our distractions and torture ourselves, but we all have truths that keep us alive. You normals may pull me from my active deceit, my irrational the majority and I commend you. But I toss and turn with my eyes wide open, and tend to crack a sm…

These people...

All the people you find along the way and the daily scene you create together.
These people who find you when you cannot quite shake the current torment.
These people who come to know you at your weakest moments and grip your reaching hand.

When it seems turning away because your ashamed, weak, tired eyes cannot continue on with the version of self produced by previous trial.
Those people who wait while you retreat somewhere you feel you need to.
When your path gets a bit foggy and you do not know whether your searching or running.
When understanding runs out and your motives are bleek.
When you try and prove to them that this time the chaos means something diffrent.
Those people continue to wait for your arrival.

The people you come to resent because they know to much of the weak man you are trying to shake.
The man, the weak man you see in yourself.
The people who still stand-by
at times seeming like by-standards while you entertain the all consuming beast.
These people who you have indirectly …
I must say, I love the creature I am becoming. The creature this journey is creating. A journey we all have diffrent versions off. In and out of the malevolent I crawl, with my clouded curiosity. Enhanced by a nature I now need. Repercussions of a calloused soul once loved by promising eyes. In a surge of anxiety I play the face the day requires. I find solace in my versatility in attempting to join the ranks of man. I wonder about my existance and excite the vision building within. I experience a living impulse in my fortunate escapes from mini lives where I do not belong. She is always there, behind diffrent faces, the eyes are always the same and I am growing tired of them. I have now turned away from there gaze. A smile grows on the left side of my face as I ponder briefly that young, distant kind of weakness...

A Desert Exile

A Parched possession in this self appointed desert exile.
This valley wasteland is a full house of fresh midwest motive and redefinition.

A melting pot for the rare and promised generations.
We scurry in and out of opportunity, looking for that promise,
looking for that dream we all hear about...

What we find is reality distracting us from our dream.
Our dreams, our tarnished souls search...

What we find is all that truly matters is our ability to carry on
after all has collapsed...