Don't Forget

Savage are these modern departures of kin. For those of us hypocrites who actively chose to retreat to the dark, this is one thing. Leave us...let us search. Some things are found there, things you will never find at the surface, the depthless. We do recognize a series of truths that some...most tend to forget in there irrational. Love...that all too cliche of a word does actually mean something. Not that false hood that can be revealed as infatuation. No...that blood bond, or that from birth or close to it. That bond that truely never severes. If it does...something dies in you. Never fool yourself. Never give it disrespect. Or the weird WILL come crawling because we do recognize similar behavior. We all continue to fuck around in our distractions and torture ourselves, but we all have truths that keep us alive. You normals may pull me from my active deceit, my irrational the majority and I commend you. But I toss and turn with my eyes wide open, and tend to crack a smile the majority of the time. It is INTERESTING. I'll pay the price...I have chosen. I am learning to keep those who stand important from also paying. But hypocrites have to rear there head on occassion. Embrace those who you will not seperate from...those who give you a way out at times. Refuse to let them toss you. Hammer them apart, then help them pick the pieces up and put them back together....together. Isolation is a bitch...leave it to those of us who REALLY want to be there...


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