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Alive in Retreat

It's nearly time to come alive in retreat. Its a personal habit of mine, this run from ordinary. I play around and distance myself from any traditional retrospect. My life is not then. It is now. Man is alive and very progressive and I refuse to attribute to anything other than the facts on the ground. Let loose the assumptions and stones that you help hold in place. Assess these structures that promise they "know". Questions should never be ignored. Questions should always be asked in tact. I wrestle with the god I was given and I urge you to at least take a better look.
Multi perspective is the key for growth. Illuminate the meaning you choose for yourself. The most humbling thing you can do is remove the dependance you have on outside superstition, supernatural beings and lifestyles and distractions that pull your focus from the facts on the ground. Yearn for more knowledge and information without filling in the gaps of the unknown with god. Perplex…

Retreating with Fog

One thought...quick before I retreat somewhere-
the great unknown
the monolyth
the great distraction from typical drone.
We look to it-
we give our interpretation of it,
seperate ourselves to find it
maybe realizing we have become it
slipping away
dancing away to a sillouette....
this tragic knowing-
We have gripped
we have built century old perspectives.

Because we have gripped
eachothers faces...
and recognized the waiting

Proposition Doubt...

This is an objective cause. I urge all to take a step back from personal feelings. I urge you. Doubt everything. We must be weary of the subjective. As one who has studied art, I of all people, know the subjective well. Excessive emphasis on mood is a marvel when paint runs down canvas. It is beautiful. But we must let go of the subjective as much as possible when it comes to those all too important issues. For favorite, religion and politics. Doubt your leaders. First, objectively, then subjectively. Traditions and beliefs handed down generation after generation, of course, should be respected...but MUST be evaluated. Tradition can get in the way of evolution in politics and religion. Do not walk not. If your insides scream for change, take a step back. Become objective. Break it all down in a tactful way. Ranting before education is easy and dangerous. Just ask me...I love to jump the gun. Educate yourself without as much inclination as p…

Dark Inventory continued...

Am I sleeping because I’m tired
and can’t stay awake?
Am I in slumber for an escape?
Am I at peace?
Am I awake
because I don’t want to be away?
Fighting to stay aware for one more
thought, one more moment.
Or am I in denial,
slipping slowly into a permanent place
that no one has ever been
or wants to be...

When will it all just be without them? Friends who are just friends who you have and do not use to define yourself. These people stick to people like me because we are a perfect match. My insecurities are there securities and we bond in a mini cycling world. Filling each others holes left over from another time. Children crying out and forced to gain there own answers in desperation. Everything finding a temporary bond that is so slowly progressing its harmless to the eye at first. Everything has a balance and it will balance. A familiar knowing from the parents, full of passed on holes in the personality. Copied adaptations of generation. Like a copy of a copy of a copy. The image, the survivi…