Alive in Retreat

It's nearly time to come alive in retreat. Its a personal habit of mine, this run from ordinary. I play around and distance myself from any traditional retrospect. My life is not then. It is now. Man is alive and very progressive and I refuse to attribute to anything other than the facts on the ground. Let loose the assumptions and stones that you help hold in place. Assess these structures that promise they "know". Questions should never be ignored. Questions should always be asked in tact. I wrestle with the god I was given and I urge you to at least take a better look.
Multi perspective is the key for growth. Illuminate the meaning you choose for yourself. The most humbling thing you can do is remove the dependance you have on outside superstition, supernatural beings and lifestyles and distractions that pull your focus from the facts on the ground. Yearn for more knowledge and information without filling in the gaps of the unknown with god. Perplexing are the corners we back our selves into. Coming out of certain degrees of fog is another.
Inquisitive beings we must become. Theory and interpretation is so beautiful in art and in hypothesis. Science is trial and error, but progressive. Always ready for change. Flexing to new environments and possibilities. The idea of a higher power may pull our attention away from what are the facts on the ground, what are the core of human evolution, human existance. My pride and faith in man cannot afford to be unfocused by some skewed version of acceptance that may or may not be true. We need to be taught from a very young age to doubt and question our surrounding, our environment so that we may really see it. Who knows...with diffrent perspective may come change. We may finally see how fragile we are, how special we are to have evolved and accomplished the things that we have without giving it away in doubt...doubt that we have done all these things together and alone. That we may maintain our focus in eachother and come together in progression. Take that next step forward in evolving towards eachother and stop worshipping unevaluated, unevolved postulation from the stones of the primitive. Know one said truth was a great time, but the most humbling thing I can think of to do is refuse to live in the fog...


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