Proposition Doubt...

This is an objective cause. I urge all to take a step back from personal feelings. I urge you. Doubt everything. We must be weary of the subjective. As one who has studied art, I of all people, know the subjective well. Excessive emphasis on mood is a marvel when paint runs down canvas. It is beautiful. But we must let go of the subjective as much as possible when it comes to those all too important issues. For favorite, religion and politics. Doubt your leaders. First, objectively, then subjectively. Traditions and beliefs handed down generation after generation, of course, should be respected...but MUST be evaluated. Tradition can get in the way of evolution in politics and religion. Do not walk not. If your insides scream for change, take a step back. Become objective. Break it all down in a tactful way. Ranting before education is easy and dangerous. Just ask me...I love to jump the gun. Educate yourself without as much inclination as possible. When we question we learn. Be tactful and humble. Liberating myself from my upbringing(religion and political views) might be the most difficult consummation I have ever personally engaged in. I must get to a point where my perspective is a satisfactory objection. I do understand that not everyone feels the need to question there surrounds to this extreme, but if you do feel the need do not stop. It may start as rebellion, but it will evolve into something much more important...if you study as much as you can. Study your polititians policies, question your religious leaders. Make sense of it. If it does not make sense to you. Leave it behind. Illuminate even if the fear is overwhelming. But be smart and realize that no one will listen to a rant. Alot seems backwards to me. As a non believer in a creator I am at this point in my life more inclined to believe in oblivion(There is no beginning or end) in the universe. This is my current persective. I studie...i search and will always because this is what helps me evolve and progress. But I still see the importance of religion because it helps with acceptance and social cohesion. It keeps order. My goals is to promote the study of all religions and political , all lifestyles and then after objectively observing our dance as a society make a choice subjectively what works for you or not. Keep searching and marvel in the human cycle. We are so very beautiful as a race and I refuse to assume anything about how we have progressed to where we are now by dulling it down with postulation or taking someones word for it...


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