"god" or "gods" are a direct expression of us...not the other way around

At certain times, in certain moments, I feel the nostalgic pull of things prior. I clench and reveal who I am now with who I was preceding. I grow irritated in this distraction from the moment. I have grown tired in the banaustic monotony of repeating the same and expecting diffrent results. I move forward...
I become the moment in stead of waiting for its dictation. I express vocally, physically and in silent ponder all that is me....right now. All is fleeting and I find fortune in these shorter relations with others and have hope for the long lasting bonds, but never expect anything in any solidifying way. Absolutes are as perfect...never truly reached, not really truly existing outside of illusion, but must be used as our catalyst in strife.
I marvel at our human condition in such an awe-inspiring way now. I have a recognition of pride and happiness for myself and others that I never thought possible with the rueful conscienciousness of years of conditioning. I wiped the slate clean(as much as possible) and bury myself in words and play that is what I want. I embrace an astonishing world after sheading layers of confliction to finally open up my arms. Faith is people is all that I have ...people. I have a curiosity that may lead me into a rupture of a sort, but I finally recognize the prodigy of man. We manipulate and express or nature. We interpret what we believe connects us to a purpose. Expression through evolution for meaning . The quality of man is expressed through morality. Our evolution has produced such a high quality of moral life that we must take pride. Our love for the uknown should increase, but we should never fill in gaps. We should not be afraid.
We must find ways to come together and increase our value as a whole, but we must start on a personal level. We must evaluate our traditions. I warn you though, that any sort of deity is straining our times. Absolutes stop progression and the interpretation of what may be constant is dangerous and dilutes the strive for any kind of pure evolving thought. Afterlife, gods, plans are all expressions of the course of human history. Some of us(creationists ect.) believe in a grand plan to fullfill there need for purpose. This "grand plan" of divine plan is a barrier from that which is. Those who refuse to listen to the facts on the ground are distracting themselves from moving forward in our time. We hold on to traditional beliefs from the past that were an expression of there time, not ours. We now have science and real exploration into that which we can see touch and feel without any speculation. Our moral value is a standard of quality that brings life to any real purpose we must strive for. Morality is not achieved through a deity. It is an expression of the beauty and atrosities accomplished by man. The majority believes our history is swayed in a certain direction by a "god". When in actuality "god" is a direct expression of us, used by leaders of there time and people in control to keep order and give people hope when they were not capable of in uncompromising times. Now we are past this, we have centuries of knowledge and trial and must look for the answers within ourselves and eachother diluting it with collisions of past expression which consolidate there world, not ours...


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