Awareness, Conflict, Survival, and Evolution...

"We behold all things through the human head and cannot cut off this head."- Friedrich Nietzsche.

We find ourselves awake and aware as by products of evolution in a moving wave of manipulated perception for survival as a whole timeless entity instead of a quickly fading anomaly. Our structures, systems, our order is very important for the containment of our deviating minds. Routine may be well, but now, now warped perceptions threaten our condition as they always have.
Absolutes are our problem. Awareness is our problem. We are lucky to find ourselves in this oblivious chaos of awareness but there are consequences. We always eventually break the conservative constructs which structure us for growth and expansion. Eventually though we always progress forward. Illuminating our own illusions and thus taking one more step towards us. Or more importantly the 'I'.
Let us never forget the importance of malleability. Pure truth is anti-structure. We should pride ourselves on our moral structures and the illusions we have created to coexist. In spite of the inevitable chaos...we eloquently move forward. We must use our philology to extinguish prior illusion. Evaluation needs a steady hand...a fearless forming of new perspective. Out with most of the old and a building of a new hybrid. Every period in our own personal human condition needs a great evaluation to help move the entity that is our species into what it could be. Take full responsibility for our achievements and failures.
There are many consequences of awareness but the important aspect of all of it is that we are simply aware. Simply aware and we complicate how we see fit.


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