Slaves to the American Dream

We are slaves to the phrase "in search of the American Dream". The 1960's brought a radical new counterculture to the sphere of our democracy. Well I guess we can go back to the 1950's as well. Whether we are in search of a consistant domestic pace or freedom of radical explicit expression we have found it, exploited it and turned up the volume. New Conservatism, or the diffrent brands of "Neo-conservatives" have formed from radical liberation or what have you. Tea party members are the essense of the new counter culture. This group rejects inevitable change and their ignorance is exploited through their stance on wedge issues such as "don't ask, don't tell" or legalizing marijuana or what have you. Democrats of the radical old left are finding it difficult to move forward in a nation that gives voice to nostalgic tea party radicals that illuminates the polarization and ignorance of a nation cut off from inevitable world change. Stuck in the "old" vision of the American Dream. Now must be the reformation of a new American conscieousness aware of its swelled consumerism and skewed values that can no longer be tolerated domestically and globally.
Now that we have "found" the American dream we must once again oppose it with evaluation and reform. Shead old for new. Recreate the American Dream from a plateform of understanding faults and ready to embrace change individually and as a whole. We have been conditioned to live above our means even if it means being a slave to our debt. We need to spend time evaluating our American perceptions and humble ourselves to stay stable as inevitable change occurs whether it be by outside force or a civil war like implosion from within. We must refocus ourselves in the wake of capitalisms peak in order to keep our true American Dreams alive.


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