Process of Illumination still return to the methodical dance of the miser...
your bourgeois, banal, saturated guise...the world can see you...
and there eyes are fixed.

We must be tactful in our evolution of illusion and crack sinister smirks
and high maniacal laughter at all possible turns.

We need our illusions, delusions, our apparitions of foggy interpretation
so that we may clear a path to the disencumbered forest.

The reality for a nation...
and reality for the personal is at the edge
and at the heart of insanities perspective...

Tyranny needs an un evolved democratic mind set
as a platform for a true rampage...
stay aware in progression...

you must hear the music that is currently at sound,
first you must dismantle the mind,
to reconstruct how you see fit...haHA!!!!


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