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Sway of Things

Independence of self is a deceptive concept
that may bring on thequalities of isolation.

Desolation is addictive and justifiable,
Pride helping the cause in vain
and soon you find despair.

The battle for control
reveals itself as the illusion.

The sway of things,
controdictory to explaination,

This energy lies underneath
waiting as the antithese to your aspiring
self destruction

The other side of clarity...

In your search for the fate of you
remember the despair in between
and remind yourself that anything can
be justified.

Not everything can be felt
and not everything
is acceptable in denial.

But I promise you
you are capable of bringing on
unrecognizable agony
manifested in undisciplined will.

Will is given to you,
it is apart of something big an capable,
yet something simple and uncomplicated,
something that will crush your given
gift of will if abused.