Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Whitewashed Insecurities

Your influence tortures me daily. You have been with me since erstwhile reminiscing awareness will allow.
You have encouraged my vain will to evolve into such a cacodemonic diabolical creature.
I have been procrastinating a true stand against you.
The pity fuel you gave me to enhance the deformity of self to continue on in defect of character.
Your whitewash condoning helped me present a vague interpretation of self for me and others.
You are a menace I grew affection for.
But this new nudge of self is becoming your antithesis.
Now you are going to feel the shock of terror because I am quickly stripping you naked for your final exposure.
You will never leave me completely if I do not arrest you completely...now.
I have paid you homage for entirely to long.
Adieu and Godspeed to your craving dis function.
I must now live without your distortions.
You will never be my false ally again...

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