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A Once Brisk Touch

The pebble which turns its side in my pocket
for memories
for dreams of ghosts

It holds nothing beyond me
a host
to burden upon
to deli ever upon
a meaning so bold

I crave upon it with my finger tips...

I lay victim no more
to the sore heat within thought
the sore heat that was once mine
and mine alone

I flow victoriously
I churn and churn some more
your heat will become my heat
your heat with beat immensely
as mine

Your body is no longer
as brisk as the want
the want and the crave
the wait
and the anticipation

I savour your whole touch
and the eyes
which gaze fiercely through mine...

The Endless Definitive Dance of Self

The emotional ties that bind us all may stretch our terror into deep endless nightmares into our waking day.
Not all sorrow can be a starting point, but pain is a necessary corrosive.
The endless embroider of justifiable pain zigzags and dances in our minds and reflects in our eyes.
We shed tears for whatever reasons we need.
We will live in silhouettes and reflect in a presence that reaches for an unobtainable future, forgetting our present awareness.
Dissecting a living law to better or worsen ourselves.
We are a lost cause in our forever reminiscing.
Look forward at large.
Leap Large.
Be brave in persistent replication of shattered fragments of who you really are.
Breaking cycle after cycle in your new persevering endless definitive dance.