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Refining Angels

We are all angels of eternity
with the temporary gift
of limited perception.

As our illusions of reality slip,
we find fleeting comfort
in merging reality with forever.

Retaining the animal within
to refine the exaltation.

Yearning for all
that comes before a self attained.

Juxtaposed past and future,
centering the moment.
A reaper of the days ahead
and a promise of awareness
being constantly slain.

Wading Through New Worlds

Life persists through whatever form.
Consciousness evolves into a unity of forever.

The pain of the day is a burden we must carry
for as long as we choose.
We are defining something we are not yet aware of,
A liberation we are not yet aware of.

But we evolve in spirit and bind in material,
obsessed in material
and progress in psyche.

Evolution of consciousness
and a continuous search of definitive finite laws

wading through new worlds of pain
and countered by new persevering love.

Fighting the "Survival Mechanism"

We thicken our skulls to survive
and the evolution is messy

We Leap
we bound
when we believe the time is right
in a way
a contradictory survival of change

Breaking barriers of prosaic
so dear to our skeptical hearts
scared in detainment

consciousness dulls down
Finite survival in mass dose

Our addictions are our survival
for a moment
but if we don't loosen our grip
of so much slavery
we find the drone
of a meaningless roam

and our forest closes
into such tortured shelter