Friday, October 5, 2012

I swear I trust eternity today

I swear I trust eternity today my love.
The plethora of resentful promises I have against myself,
broken today.
Trust no longer pix elated,
no ink left for paper words.
These depths your affection harbours over the abysmal sea.
The suffocating containment where I have always seem to be.
Your eyes shower opposition to the decaying inner horde.
I was a version
viewing someone else's scene,
Now ripening for future aches
that can only pull me closer to you.
It is almost an injustice attempting to contain
all these possible infinities with you,
with these insignificant words.

Monday, September 3, 2012

On the canvas, on the heart

Paint splatter
Emotion splattered
On the canvas
On the heart
What does it mean?
Penetrate the soul by any means

You are a lover
In this scene
In this scape
And as a character
You may rupture the land
To realize and understand
The stars
The moon
The ocean
The vast overflow of giant truths
That spans the ages

Flipping the switch
And the gears reverse pandemically

The monster always awaits
Doped up America
Doped up me
My cure
Your nightmare

Sullen until the sunset
Until the array of transgressions bombards
My purer soul

The longing for a purer soul
A horizon
Over this tainted beast
Of temporary temptation
Always on the pursuit of something more

In daily defiance of a godless mind
Piecing together
Some bitter spirit
A tormented pull
From the bleakest constructs of the mind
Notorious for retreat
from anything sparing this self deceit.
Proceed with your Prozac dance
Structure by any means
because the beast
The beast
Always awaits...


As a consequence
I break into pieces
But instead of shards of me that cut,
that fall off,
out and away
these pieces seem to melt and form a steady current
flowing inward and as a consequence
eventually molds a strength
that beats all odds
all chaos
that may elude

But in an instant
I deliver upon you
my rage
the centerpiece of my existence
No one can take this core away from me.
My fleeting motivation,
my drive to the extreme
and i will use my words
and your eyes as a vent.
I have certainly been open to some changes
but there will always be collateral,
residual raw felt emotion.
Passion that seizes up
then splinters within.
Passion that can be buried and contained
only for so long.

Continuing on
Measuring to progress,
Measuring to proceed.
Identifying a rapture
of a certain type of thinking.

Great to be bipolar
to fit this contemporary age.
Its a bloody mess in my head.
Life and trials
but at the same time
I am a rock star
with perfect rhythm and style.
What must be accomplished
is already complete in my head
Now fulfillment...


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fellow Freaks and our Triple V

Us Freaks
we dance the dance to seek
and crack whips
over the back of our obsessions
and link chains
to our destructive cravings
giving ourselves
this freedom bondage
from self destructive tendancies.
An awareness
for our daily self dedication.
A continuous refinement
of this song of self.
Expressing the constructive
creator within ourselves.
Sometimes standard
and other times
raw felt
fragile emotion
sometimes just
a visually vivid violation.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Fraying Doldrum

O you traveler,
you wanderer,
you Brut.

Stay fresh to the Whimsical
nature of the Tourniquet.

O dreamer,
let nothing stand in your way.
Ah that song of self cries.
Ah your pure utopic blood
is bleeding dry
and your words of wonderlust
becoming cries
of desperation.

so you wade and drown
in this pop culture of prozac?

They say a man finds himself
in his darkest hour?

But romantic,
bind yourself
when you become wise
to the discovery
that nothing is truly bound.

Then Dreamer,
find where your devotion lies
in its rawest form.
create an original rise.

A contrary hope,
an unrecognizable consiousness
ripping forth,
despite your surface self.

O dreamer,
they have been waiting.
You have been waiting for this.
Something nobody could have ever dreamed.
Realize your participating
in this game of lost and found.
The great merry go round.

Twisted Sister(RED)

Monday, February 20, 2012

Battle Cry Delirium

The constructed cage
inside my thinker
is filled to the max
with kaleidoscopic
looney tunes
ready for your arrival

A motley variety
one fit for any occassion
a web of squinching contortions
fed by this moonstruck fetish

I am in prepossession
and tell myself in bondage
of these makeshift walls
that I am diffrent
some unique freak
the brainiac

I should be standing
as an oddity
in some random window
for all the shoppers novelty

But what I am really doing
is making diversions
from being just another
hophead doper

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Strangely Powerful and Obtainable Bliss

Mineral manipulate,
I beget and tremble
in the shell of myself.
Reaching out to form
an extension of me in
the sands of putty.

The creature of obsession
I once fed is distorted
in the eyes of the man
I have become.

Here I am in the weakest
point of my life,
sharing with you
the inevitable truth
and we connect through
our rictus grins of inner self.

When routine and slavery of self
We shake each other apart
with our familiar bond
and unity.

Our addictions and obsessions
of our choosing
blind us in the beginning,
but bind us in our hearts
as we clear a path through
the darkest forest together.

We find a calm in the
wake of a terrible storm
and the realities of life
have set sail.

The I has left me
with the unity we have
found together.