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Battle Cry Delirium

The constructed cage
inside my thinker
is filled to the max
with kaleidoscopic
looney tunes
ready for your arrival

A motley variety
one fit for any occassion
a web of squinching contortions
fed by this moonstruck fetish

I am in prepossession
and tell myself in bondage
of these makeshift walls
that I am diffrent
some unique freak
the brainiac

I should be standing
as an oddity
in some random window
for all the shoppers novelty

But what I am really doing
is making diversions
from being just another
hophead doper

The Strangely Powerful and Obtainable Bliss

Mineral manipulate, I beget and tremble
in the shell of myself.
Reaching out to form
an extension of me in
the sands of putty.

The creature of obsession
I once fed is distorted
in the eyes of the man
I have become.

Here I am in the weakest
point of my life,
sharing with you
the inevitable truth
and we connect through
our rictus grins of inner self.

When routine and slavery of self
We shake each other apart
with our familiar bond
and unity.

Our addictions and obsessions
of our choosing
blind us in the beginning,
but bind us in our hearts
as we clear a path through
the darkest forest together.

We find a calm in the
wake of a terrible storm
and the realities of life
have set sail.

The I has left me
with the unity we have
found together.