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Fraying Doldrum

O you traveler,
you wanderer,
you Brut.

Stay fresh to the Whimsical
nature of the Tourniquet.

O dreamer,
let nothing stand in your way.
Ah that song of self cries.
Ah your pure utopic blood
is bleeding dry
and your words of wonderlust
becoming cries
of desperation.

so you wade and drown
in this pop culture of prozac?

They say a man finds himself
in his darkest hour?

But romantic,
bind yourself
when you become wise
to the discovery
that nothing is truly bound.

Then Dreamer,
find where your devotion lies
in its rawest form.
create an original rise.

A contrary hope,
an unrecognizable consiousness
ripping forth,
despite your surface self.

O dreamer,
they have been waiting.
You have been waiting for this.
Something nobody could have ever dreamed.
Realize your participating
in this game of lost and found.
The great merry go round.