Monday, September 3, 2012


As a consequence
I break into pieces
But instead of shards of me that cut,
that fall off,
out and away
these pieces seem to melt and form a steady current
flowing inward and as a consequence
eventually molds a strength
that beats all odds
all chaos
that may elude

But in an instant
I deliver upon you
my rage
the centerpiece of my existence
No one can take this core away from me.
My fleeting motivation,
my drive to the extreme
and i will use my words
and your eyes as a vent.
I have certainly been open to some changes
but there will always be collateral,
residual raw felt emotion.
Passion that seizes up
then splinters within.
Passion that can be buried and contained
only for so long.

Continuing on
Measuring to progress,
Measuring to proceed.
Identifying a rapture
of a certain type of thinking.

Great to be bipolar
to fit this contemporary age.
Its a bloody mess in my head.
Life and trials
but at the same time
I am a rock star
with perfect rhythm and style.
What must be accomplished
is already complete in my head
Now fulfillment...

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